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Some Nutritional Education Resources for You –

(*Scroll down for links to general health info links.)

“The World’s Healthiest Foods”
The George Mateljan Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests,
is a new force for change to help make a healthier you and a healthier world.
Food: news, recipes, safety, inside info – all kinds of reasons to check it out!


Here’s another link for you to check out for its resources, such as a chart of 43 fruits
 and veggies ranked from worst to best regarding pesticide residues; food news, etc


And here is a significantly important site, if you’re curious about
what kinds of fish and seafoods are wise for you and for the oceans

The Environmental Defense Fund-


An alternative source of dietary information, as close as the internet, is
The American Dietetic Association. 
Here is a link to some great info on their site:  
Nutrition Fact Sheets

Do you like the idea of being privy to "inside info" and/or taking an
active role in what quality of food is available to you and your family?
Then explore the possibilities at the website of:
Citizens for Health | the voice of the natural health consumer

Write e-letters to your representatives; speak up-- make a positive difference!


Here’s an important site with news we all need:
The Center for Food Safety
The Center for Food Safety - Home

Great organization-- let's use it and support it.


One of the most important sites online related
 to your food quality and legitimate information about it:

The Cornucopia Institute
Mission: Seeking economic justice for the family-scale farming community.

Through research, advocacy, and economic development our goal
 is to empower farmers - partnered with consumers - in support of
 ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.

If you want to learn about GMO [genetically modified”;
also termed “genetically engineered”] foods, as well as about
 many other critical issues re: our food supply,
do not fail to visit and bookmark this site
The Institute for Responsible Technology

Want to have a say, or just learn more about the foods you buy?
Click here


Celiac Sprue
 [The Celiac Sprue Assoc.] -
go to “local support/VA” *Note Roanoke group
Celiac Disease Foundation
 - no local group shows up, but lots of good info
Gluten Intolerance Group of North America
– again, lots of good info

When you buy produce at the grocery store --

Produce PLU (price look up) Codes Reveal If It’s
Organic, Transgenic or Conventional


This is what the Price Look Up code can tell you quickly without  having to rely on the cashier in a produce market.  At the checkout counter, supermarket cashiers now rely on PLU  (Price Look Up) codes to identify fruits and vegetables quickly,  which ensures that the price is entered correctly. That way,  you won’t have to rely on the cashier for knowing the difference,  both in look and price, between a Fuji apple and a Gala.

But the PLU of a fruit or vegetable can also  provide information to consumers
whether it was genetically engineered, grown by organic methods, or grown by conventional methods

What to Look For:
(Each type of fruit or vegetable carries its own PLU)

PLU's consist of 4 to 5 numbers:

 4 numbers= conventional produce
5 numbers, starting with 9 = organic produce
5 numbers, starting with 8 = genetically engineered produce

For more information, see :
 International Federation for Produce Coding




For anyone who is interested in finding out the calorie content
of pretty much any food you could name, this is fantastic!

Pluses: No membership necessary; it has a super search feature;
it’s easy to use; you plug in the serving size you want, etc.  Click here:
Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program


Money-Saving Secrets: Get Creative in the Kitchen

Here's a basic USDA guide to money saving ideas for managing your
family's food budget.  It includes lots of simple tips, many recipes and suggestions.

[And, a 78 page booklet from the USDA which can be printed out - select the pages
 you want to print.] *This is in “pdf” format, so you must have the Adobe program to open it.


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