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Reduce Stress -- Get a handle on better health.

Other than nutrition, it's probable that nothing plays a larger role in your overall well-being than the level of stress you experience in your daily life.

Ideally, we would have NO stress in our lives, and that's an excellent goal toward which to strive. 

But how is it possible to reduce or eliminate stress from our life?



Here are some ways to do that which are quite effective:
- Do all that's feasible to make life changes which reduce tension and anxiety.
     - Make the decision to do at least one thing just for yourself every day.
     - Learn the habit of finding something positive in stressful situations.
     - Avoid the use of stimulants.
     - Avoid foods full of chemical additives; eat "organic" as much as possible.
     - Make it a point to get enough sleep consistently; 8 hours nightly is recommended.
     - Set aside at least a few minutes daily to practice a relaxation technique:
                   It could be meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, journaling....
     - Walk, bike or swim, etc., a minimum of 20 minutes daily.


While you're in the process, these natural supplements can be helpful --

"Uplift": This is an herbal formula for anxiety, stress and depression. (see our herbal tinctures page)

"Sweet Peace":  An herbal formula for anxiety and stress. (see our herbal tinctures page)

Rhodiola rosea: An amazing plant which grows only above the Artic Circle, Rhodiola has been exhaustively studied for its ability to not only help reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body, but also for its effectiveness in calming and focusing. (see our herbal tinctures page)

Kava Kava:  The first choice in herbs when the goal is to reduce anxiety.
     Kava is so very effective compared to anti-anxiety drugs that it was the target of false information several years ago. This plant, especially when taken in whole plant, non-standardized form and in correct dosages, is safe. If it were not, the South Sea islanders tribes which have consumed it by the gallon in rituals over the centuries would most likely be extinct by now. 
     *Be sure that the variety of Kava you buy is Piper methysticum. (see our herbal tinctures page)

"Rescue Remedy": A "Bach flower remedy", Rescue Remedy is something many people will NOT be without!  Rescue Remedy is also a favorite of pet owners, and quickly eases the symptoms of anxiety in animals from the smallest kitten to full size horses.
     Flower remedies are for healing of emotional issues, and very effective.
*While these flower remedies are not listed on this website, you may call our toll-free number and order them directly from the store (1-877-THE-WELL {843-9355}]. Our local phone number is 1-540-587-9000.


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