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We can provide factual information about each of these and their known benefits.

BILBERRY [Vaccium myrtillus]

Bilberry is used for prevention of or benefits for cataracts; glaucoma;
macular degeneration; stroke; ulcers; angina; diarrhea; cystitis, and more
It is known to strengthen blood vessels; and like cranberry, keeps bacteria from adhering to bladder walls.

*Note of interest: During WWII British pilots ate bilberries before
 night time bombing runs to help prevent 'night blindness'.



Gymnema is used for its proven ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Called 'the sugar destroyer', Gymnema has been shown through clinical studies to
improve function of the pancreas, and slow absorption of glucose in the intestine

*Note of interest: A frequent comment is that Gymnema stops cravings for sweets.


VALERIAN [Valeriana officinalis]

Valerian is used for its proven benefits for A.D.H.D.; anxiety; insomnia;
      cardiac arrythmia; spasms; etc. It is somewhat sedative, and anti-spasmodic

It can be helpful for pain, being considered an 'anodyne' for that purpose, and
its ability to relax muscles may be one reason it's a favorite of many for insomnia.

*Note of interest: Valerian should not be combined with medications for anxiety,
depression or insomnia, as it acts much the same way and could increase effects


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